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June 2016

So, you’re wondering about your grade…

Your grades are now final.  Congrats on the amazing grades you have earned.  Overall, I have been impressed about your growth throughout the semester.  The final essay exams were particularly impressive.  Enjoy your summer and work on your motor skills.



Modern historical thinking Packet Due Wednesday

Thanks to all students who turned in their packets today, Wednesday, June 8th.

Moving into our final unit of the year, the we are looking for ways to use our understandings of American history and consider how to think through modern historical problems.

As students who have worked through ten units of historical study, you are well-versed in the thinking and analysis needed to comprehend the best ways for us to proceed.  The following series of readings is collected for you to show off all you have learned this semester.

Print and Critically Read seven articles while recognizing the historical implications of the events introduced.  If you would like to exchange up to TWO of the required seven articles with your own submission from a reputable source, you may do so as long as you include full bibliographic information.  When you are done reading and considering the implications of your readings, you will be ready to express your learning in written form.

Here are the topics:

When you are ready to show off what you now know, you should submit your ideas to ‘My Take’ at the Seattle Times.  Who knows, if you are good enough, they may even reprint it.  Here are the instructions:

“Got something to say about a topic in the news?  We’re looking for personal essays with strong opinions.  Send your submission of no more than 400 words to with the subject line “My Take.”

To complete the assignment, follow the instructions above as you send your 300-400 word personal essay to and ‘cc Mr. Braman on your submission.  Submission must happen by June 7th at Midnight.  Bring all your work – the Critical Readings and discussion notes  – to class on Wednesday, June 8th for submission.

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