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March 2017

Clarification for your 4-level outline

You will need to submit a printed version of your 4-level outline in Hard Copy.  If you have the 4-Level outline complete as of Friday, 3/27, then you should submit your hard copy in class.  If you cannot complete your 4-level outline by Friday in class, submit your progress (your incomplete 4-level outline) to by 6pm.  The title is  below.


After you have submitted your progress, then you can continue (over the weekend) to improve your 4-level outline.  Once you finish it during the weekend, print a hard copy to give to Mr. Braman in class on Monday, March 27th and submit to as a ‘revision 2’.Capture2.PNG.


IA Overview

Here are the expectations and accomplishments.  Please check in with Mr. Braman if you are having difficulties.  Your grade will not be updated on a daily basis; you will probably receive your productivity points all at once.

If you are altering (or have altered) your research topic after 3/10, you will still be expected to do a two-level outline (and check in with Mr. B) and then advance to a four-level outline.  Topics may not be changed after Monday, 3/27.  As a reminder, these are the due dates as published in the Internal assessment 2017  Overview given on the first day – Feb 28.

SCAFFOLDING AND DUE DATES as published in the Internal assessment 2017 handout


March 3~ Topic confirmation

March 10~ Investigation Question & 2-level outline (Thesis, Body Theses, Big Facts)

March 17~ Annotated Bibliography of 6 sources

March 24~ 4-level Outline  (Main Thesis; Body Theses; Quoted & Cited examples; Commentary to paraphrase and explain relevance of example)

March 28~ Criterion 1- Evaluation of Sources Rough Draft

March 31~ Criterion 2- Investigation Rough Draft

April 6~ Complete IA Draft (Criterion 1-3 + Bibliography)

April 18~ Final IA DUE (Hard copy &  

Your next due date is a draft of Criterion 1 – your OPcVL.  It should be around 500 words.  For suggestions on word count, consult your Internal assessment 2017 handout.  Don’t forget your OPCVL details and reminders that were presented in class last week.  The rubric that will be applied to the OPCVL is also in the  Internal assessment 2017 handout.  I’ve put it below as well:

Criterion A: Identification and evaluation of sources (6 marks)

0 The work does not reach a standard described by the descriptors below.
1–2 The question for investigation has been stated. The student has identified and selected appropriate sources, but there is little or no explanation of the relevance of the sources to the investigation.

The response describes, but does not analyse or evaluate, two of the sources.

3–4 An appropriate question for investigation has been stated. The student has identified and selected appropriate sources, and there is some explanation of the relevance of the sources to the investigation.

There is some analysis and evaluation of two sources, but reference to their value and limitations is limited.

5–6 An appropriate question for investigation has been clearly stated. The student has identified and selected appropriate and relevant sources, and there is a clear explanation of the relevance of the sources to the investigation.

There is a detailed analysis and evaluation of two sources with explicit discussion of the value and limitations of two of the sources for the investigation, with reference to the origins, purpose and content of the two sources.

As you prepare to go to the UW

Your job today is to build a starting list of sources and call numbers to get started:

1) Getting (re)Acquainted with the Dewey Decimal System

A very general list of the subject classifications

A very detailed list

A general AND detailed list (unfortunately with distracting color choices: good info, poor graphics)

 2) Looking at the library collections at the University of Washington via WorldCat

(also found here: SHS Library Page > Resources by Subject > Social Studies > WorldCat)

Start by finding call numbers for the books you find, then write a brief blurb about what you hope to find there.  This link from our Skyline Library will help you get access to the UW library system and find books that they have on site.

FYI – You cannot do your IA and your EE on the same topic (in any discipline)

The IB gods know everything and they will find you.  Don’t do it.

IA – Annotated Bibliography and opcVL

OPCVL details and reminders.

This includes information on your annotated bibliography.  I’ve pasted some of these details below:

  • žYou need 6 sources
  • žAt least two must be primary sources
  • žYou must include full MLA Works Cited information
  • žIt should be formatted like a Works Cited with Annotations
  • žAnnotations include:
  • Origin
  • Purpose
  • And Relevance
    • –What good is this text as you attempt to answer your research question?
  • –It is due 3/17

IA Knowledge Question and 2-Level outline

Here’s what you need to submit.  You can give me a printed version tomorrow, and then post to by Thursday, or just submit to turnitin by class on Wednesday.

You probably have most of this, but I have few students with a revised (approved or at least perfected) research question and the outline all in one place.

Just formalize your outline.  Include the following:

  • Research Topic
  • Research Question
  • Thesis Response to research question
  • Body Theses (x 6?)
  •     Cited Factual support  (x 2+)
  • Works Cited

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