The Boas & Braman Experience


October 2016

For Wednesday, 10/26

On Monday, we assigned the group projects in the prelude to war –  groups were to:

  1. determine topic and scope (and sign up)
  2. create an initial thesis to guide research
  3. conduct the research for Tuesday

On Tuesday, groups were asked to:

  1. share out their initial research with their group
  2. create a brainstorming to determine:
    1. the subtopics for the group
    2. the relevant events/people/ideas that will guide the presentation
    3. the sequence of presentation of these relevant points (see #2 above)
    4. which student will research, assemble, and present which points
  3. determine the necessary additional research

On Wednesday, we will begin planning the presentations.  What makes a presentation good?  How can we help the audience learn the material?


For Friday, 10/21

DO bring your history journal with all of the assigned readings from Tindall and Shi as well as your documents and timeline that you’ve been working on.  I will stamp your pink sheet if you meet expectations.

DO NOT spend time studying the material.  Although we will be using your notes and discussing the material assigned, there will not be a test.

For Thursday, 10/20

Arrive at class with the two brief documents (Taney and Lincoln) read. And don’t forget to stay up on your reading schedule in Tindall and Shi.  You should be done with those readings by Friday.

In addition, as we started in class, continue the process of building a timeline of events leading to the Civil War. Build from your notes and, in particular, the documents.  For now, you need only TEN events with dates laid out in a draft timeline.  Don’t spend time beautifying it.  We will consider themes and relationships between events later.

The readings are listed on your pink sheet (but are also listed here below)

Chapter 15 – These should be done by Monday, October 17

  • 581-592
  • 592-599

Chapter 16 –

  • 603-616 The Crisis of Union 
  • 616-630 The Crisis of Union 
  • 630-645 The Deepening Sectional Crisis

In addition, there are these primary sources that have been distributed:

  • William Lloyd Garrison – blue handout from class
  • Abraham Lincoln – House divided excerpt from class
  • John C. Calhoun – “Slavery, a positive good”
  • Justice Taney – Dred Scott decision

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