Don’t forget the previous reading you’ve done for chapter 9

and tonight, get up to half of the pages done in your assigned chapter in Kissinger’s Diplomacy, either chapter 26 on Johnson’s Road to despair or chapter 27 on Nixon’s withdrawal.

May 2 – You’ve seen portions of Kissinger’s ‘Peace is At Hand’ speech.  Consider this transcript of the text.  You can choose one of these options to demonstrate you’ve read it and considered it as a legitimate presentation of historical fact.  The essential question is: How would you evaluate Kissinger’s perspective about the war?

  • Take notes in outline form [or otherwise group detailed excerpts]
  • Write a paragraph OF YOUR OWN WORDS regarding what Kissinger’s perspective is
  • Print out and critically read the text [it is 11 pages – perhaps you leave off the Q&A]
  • Consider the domestic situation in 1968: read and take notes on Tindall and Shi 1335-1337. Answer the questions in the caption on 1337.
  • Then, read and take notes on 1340-1346.
  • Wait, women can’t run in a marathon?  Consider reading on to get more social history on the feminist movement in the ’70s.

Monday, May 9th we considered the campaign of 1968, the Pentagon Papers, Nixon’s paranoia and, eventually, the impact of Watergate on the American public.  View the video to answer many of the central questions a good historian would ask.

Did you notice the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump visited Washington state?  Here’s what the conversation is at the UW read to the  bottom to find a famous Cougar supporting his friend.   Check it out.