For our Cold War Projects, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Here is the rubric explained in class on 5/16.  Remember, quality projects will involve deeper learning.
  2. You will need a bibliography and a works cited.  Remember – work that you have not created must be attributed to the source who created it.  You will submit your presentation to so I can see it during your presentation.  All scripts/presentations should be uploaded by Midnight on Thursday, May 19th. Presentations begin the next day.
  3. You will have three work days in the small computer lab next week – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
  4. You must contribute mightily to your presentation to the class – you must demonstrate your understanding of the material, your ability to analyze your event, your ability to recognize and evaluate different perspectives, and your ability to link your event to both the Cold War and the modern-day realities.
  5. Your group presentation should represent a minimum of 5 hours of preparation PER GROUP MEMBER.  Groups of four should be no longer than 12 minutes; groups of three should be 7-10 minutes in duration; partnerships should aim for 7 minutes; solo fliers should aim for 5-7 minutes.
  6. We will begin Presentations on Friday, May 20th.  We will present the topics chronologically.  Here is the presentation schedule.  We hope to hear out half the presenters on Friday, May 20.  The remainder will follow on Monday.
  7. Your presentation should incorporate these essential components:
    1. The Geographical Setting
    2. The date(s) relevant to understanding the event
    3. Two perspectives on the event
    4. The implications of the event
    5. Links to cold war ideas/policies/philosophies
    6. Links to modern-day relationships/diplomacy/legislation
  8. Your presentation should incorporate visual elements
  9. Please be aware, listeners will be expected to take notes on your event and be able to construct a complex visual organizer that allows them to know:
    1. the basic content including who, what, where, when, why (and how) the event played out
    2. the way your event contributed to the Cold War
    3. the way your event impacted modern realities
  10. PLEASE KNOW THAT YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES!  Students who submit uncited or poorly-cited work they did not create will receive a zero on this project.