The Boas & Braman Experience


March 2016

Makeup tests for the Cold War and Civil Rights

will be in the upper commons Tuesday at 2:30-3:30.  Be there.


Unit 9 Reading List

Vietnam (plus) Reading List –

  • 1275-1280 French-Indochina War Eisenhower (you have already read this)
    • 1312 – 1315 Berlin, Cuba Kennedy
  • 1315-1317 Vietnam Kennedy
    • 1317 – 1325 Great Society                     LBJ
  • 1328 – 1334 Tragedy of Vietnam        LBJ
  • 1357 – 1364 Nixon & Vietnam             Nixon

Readings for assessment this week:

You have already read and taken notes on…

  • 1274-1290
  • 1290-End of chapter

In addition you will add…

  • 1300-1306 (JFK)
  • and the reading packet

Your next unit test will include:

  1. the Socratic seminar on 3/23
  2. the content in a MC format on 3/25 is based on this scope:
    1. Civil Rights
    2. Early Cold War

History IA

While we – as a Humanities team of teachers – are still working on helping with the details and the due dates for your project, here are a set of initial dates that are set aside for you to work on the project.  Implied in this are some due dates.  This blog will be updated as adjustments are made.

There will be ample opportunity during these dates for you to:

  • Refine your Research Question
  • Conduct research
  • Consult with your peers
  • Ask questions of your teacher
  • Outline your essay
  • Draft your essay
  • Edit and receive peer editing input
  • Revise your draft

Here are the proposed dates.  There may be some adjustment to the schedule if unexpected challenges dictate a necessary change.  Initial Due Dates are underlined.

  1. Friday, March 4th – Library [Refined question due; please respond to the email from Ms. Boas and enter your info into the GoogleDoc].
    1. You will conduct research in the library [Keep a working bibliography of sources consulted.  Later, these will be refined as a Bibliography and Works Cited].
  2. Monday, March 7th – We will have roughly 1 hour of lab time available to create a working outline of ideas.  Add to your working bibliography as needed.
  3. Wednesday, March 9th – Lab time to complete the working outline. This is a two-level outline: Thesis, Body Theses, Support. Specific detailed quotes and commentary will be added later.
  4. Monday, March 14th – Lab time to add to the working outline. We also have the library during 2nd period.  If you have yet to do so, you will need peer input to recognize where your work needs to be refined.  Where do you need greater depth?  Make sure you keep track of your peer edits.
  5. Tuesday, March 15th – UW Permission form is due.  You should have turned it in last week.  You should be working on your Source Evaluation.  This Source Evaluation Rough Draft is due March 18th.  Print it out and bring it to class.
  6. Tuesday, March 22nd – UW field trip
  7. Wednesday, March 23rd  – Drafting and revision of 4-level outline in computer lab.  Peer editing as needed.
  8. Thursday, March 24th – Drafting and revision of 4-level outline in computer lab.  Peer editing as needed.  The 4-level outline is due on March 25  Tuesday, March 29th. THE INVESTIGATION ROUGH DRAFT IS STILL DUE TWO DAYS LATER.
  9. Tuesday, March 29th – Lab time in small lab.  4-level outline due.  Students work to write their draft of the investigation.
  10. Friday, April 1 – Criterion 2 – Investigation Rough Draft Due.  Mr. Braman will comment on your draft after submission. submission required.
  11. April 7 – Complete IA draft – On this draft of the essay, your editor applies the IB History Rubric for the IA.  By the end of the day, you are (for the most part) done with the essay.
  12. April 19th Final IA Due – hard copy and
  13. Date TBA – Reflection on IA project

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