Just to be clear – as printed on the overview distributed day one – your test on the Watergate material will be this Friday, May 26th.

Here are a few updates to the extensive information you’ve been given in class.   Your current project involves research, reading(and notetaking), thinking, planning, and construction.  STAY AWAY FROM WIKIPEDIA.  By Wednesday this week, you’ll have a product.  By Friday, you’ll be so knowledgeable that you can hand in a homework packet and celebrate your understanding with a test.  All the details of this you already know – they are on the handout distributed Monday in class.

On the bottom of the handout which includes a calendar of the week, you’ll also see the pages from the IB Textbook (317-322; 322-327; 328-330).  Those will be due on Friday, May 26th  June 2nd before the test.  In addition, it would be good to have a solid understanding of the Watergate Chronology including important actors, ideas (like ‘smoking gun‘) and events.  Here’s a video review.  This timeline was distributed on the back of the end-of-year calendar Monday.

As we look to the project, consider the steps we’ve submitted –  Watergate Poster Design – and the way the project will be evaluated – Rubric for Watergate Poster Presentation – so that your group creates a poster that is more than pretty and engaging.  Don’t forget to present an answer to one of the three questions as an argument.

No politician in history, and I say with surety, has been treated worse, more unfairly.”                           Richard Nixon?  Or Donald Trump?

It is my constitutional responsibility to defend this office against false charges.”                            Richard Nixon?  Or Donald Trump?

The best posters will also make significant comparisons to modern-day events.  How is the Watergate Scandal different from the current investigations into the Russian influence on the 2016 Elections?  Here is a good review of the amazing ten days‘ worth of events that led to the appointment of a special council to the Russia investigation.  An essential question remains: Why is Michael Flynn such a big deal?  Here is one answer from Representative Elijah Cummings.  Here is an article from McClatchy and another from Bloomberg.

Here is a simple, quick list of content to consider with the Russian investigation.  This material will be on Friday’s test and the final exam.  What role did each play?  Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Mike Pence, Sergey Kislyak, Vladimir Putin, Rod Rosenstein, John McCain, James Comey, President Donald Trump, Robert Muller III, Jason Chaffetz, and Elijah Cummings.  Almost all can be found in the review above.  Curious about modern-day laws on the books because of Watergate?  Here’s one.