By the end of the day Friday, May 19th, you should be this far:

Can you answer the three questions we started with?

  1. “The Watergate Scandal confirmed that in the United States the democratic process worked.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?
  2. Examine the following claim: “During the Watergate Affair, investigative journalism saved American Democracy.”
  3. Analyse the political impact of the Watergate Affair in the United States.

Can you identify…

  • Saturday Night Massacre
  • Plumbers
  • Smoking Gun
  • Nixon vs. U.S.
  • Watergate Senate Committee
  • Special Prosecutor
  • Executive Privilege
  • Articles of Impeachment

Who are the main players behind these events?  What groups/roles are they associated with?   I thought Gerald Ford was the Leader of the House of Representatives…?

Can you build a timeline/chronology of events with dates?  Can you establish causation?

Have you worked to know the events?  Or do you just know they are in your notes or on a website.  You should have invested at least an hour today to learn the material.  How will Mr. B know you’ve learned it?  Should he give you a test?  Ask you to build a timeline?  Evaluate an argument?  Hmmm…