As you go about it, remember that you should prioritize certain parts of this list of terms on the final.  The attached list is in word format, or you can see the list here below.  On the attached list, events in blue should be prioritized as you decide what to study first/most.  Remember, WE WILL HAVE AN IN CLASS STUDY SESSION ON JANUARY 19TH  .   For the most part, you should know these things about each of the concepts/events:

  • the literal info – who, what, where, when
  • the implications – how, why
  • the ways this is connected to a broader narrative
  • the ways this evidence could be part of an argument

IB American Studies  B2

Semester 1 Final

Study Guide


Colonial America & Revolution

The Declaration of Independence

Causes of the Revolutionary War

Nature of the Revolutionary War

Foundations of US Politics

Articles of the Confederation

Branches of government

Checks and Balances

Electoral College

Amendment Process

Bill of Rights

Federalist vs. Democratic-Republicans

       Political beliefs/divisions

Marbury v. Madison àJud. Review

Alien and Sedition Acts àNullification

Jefferson –      Political beliefs

Election of 1824

Split of Democratic Republican

“Corrupt Bargain”

Jackson’s politics and legacy

Change and Reform

Second Great Awakening

Education Reform

Prison/Asylum Reform

Temperance Movement

Cult of Domesticity

Early Women’s Rights Movement

Manifest Destiny

Texas Revolution

Mexican-American War

Long Term Causes of Civil War

Sectionalism; Economics N & S

Entrenchment of Slavery


Missouri Compromise

Abolition Movement

    Conditions of Slavery

    Evolution of Racism

    Racial Stereotypes

Compromise of 1850

Fugitive Slave Act

 Bleeding Kansas, John Brown, etc.

Dred Scott v. Sanford

Civil War

Election of 1860

Southern Secession & Confederate States of America

Military str. & weak. N & S forces

Key military events of the civil war (turning points)

Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Economic consequences of War

Reconstruction Plans

13th, 14th, 15th Amendments

Fall of Reconstruction

Race Relations 1865-1929

Ku Klux Klan

Jim Crow laws

Plessy vs. Ferguson

Lynching Epidemic

Harlem Renaissance

New Deal and Minorities

Gilded Age

Gilded Age- Gilded vs. Reality

Reasons people went West


Robber Barons vs. Captains of Industry

Social Darwinism

In Late 19th Century:

  • Working conditions
  • Labor Unions
  • Immigration

Treatment of Immigrants

Mass culture at turn of the century




Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson

Preservation & Conservation

Election of 1912

18th & 19th Amendments

Imperialism and WWI

US Imperialism

Causes & Results of Spanish-American War

Platt Amendment

Evolution of Am. Foreign policy

Washington’s Neutrality

Monroe Doctrine

Roosevelt Corollary

Wilson’s Missionary Diplomacy

Causes of WWI

US Neutrality & Involvement

Wilson’s 14 pt. Plan

Treaty of Versailles

1920s & 1930s

Causes of the Great Depression

Psychological effects of Great Depression

Herbert Hoover v. Franklin D. Roosevelt

The New Deal

Critics of the New Deal

Legacy of the Great Depression & New Deal